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Sustainable collection - Tunis Fashion Week 2022

01Woman of the Berber Tunisian people discussing cultural tattoos with Designer Charlotte Weber and Ramona Moellers, Tunis 2022


Sustainable denim collection ‘Indigenous Modernity’ great success at Tunis Fashion Week 2022

The sustainable denim capsule collection ‘Indigenous Modernity’ was created as part of the exchange program led by the student Oussema Haddar between the Hochschule Niederrhein -University of Applied Sciences, represented by the designer Charlotte Weber and Ramona Möllers, and the Tunisian denim sub-contractor Sartex Group.

After strategical history and culture lessons, visits to local markets, and penetrating the Tunisian present culture with locals, the two design-engineering students, Möllers and Weber were inspired by the patterns of the Berber Tattoos, each Berber symbol has a specific meaning that explains certain feelings/emotions. After deep reviews and discussions by Oussema and Tunisian historians, borders have been set and the student designers developed these symbols/tattoos into eleven unique and different outfits.

Sustainability plays an important role in the collection and as a representation of modernity. Innovative production processes were used by Sartex-Group to reduce water consumption regarding the SDG 6, by water treatment processes, ozone washing and working with laser techniques. The 3D program CLO 3D was used to visualize the collection ideas. The materials are assigned to a mono-material line and required accessories made of wood qualities so that the pieces are recyclable in the sense of circularity at the end of their life cycle.



Coach: Prof. Dr. Monika Eigenstetter Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences

2nd Coach: Prof. Dr., Dipl.-Des. Marina-Elena Wachs Hochschule Niederrhein - University of Applied Sciences



02 Designer Charlotte Weber in Tunisian Desert, 2022
03 Woman of the Berber Tunisian people explaining Tatoos, 2022
04 Collection Indigenous Modernity by Weber and Möllers, 2022
05 TNFW22 Collection by Weber Möllers, Show at Tunisian desert, 2022
06 TNFW22 Impressions, 2022
07 Ramona Moellers, Oussema Haddar, Charlotte Weber at TNFW22

Donnation / cooperation:

Sartex-Group, HSNR x S-G Exchange Program



first presented at Tunis Fashion Week



pictures: by Charlotte Weber and Ramona Moellers, Oussema Haddar

text: by Prof. Dr. M.-E. Wachs